Saturday, April 12, 2014

Queretaro's haul! 2

Hello my people, how are you been!? As you know I went to one of my favorite cities in my country Queretaro, always have something new to see, or to buy, the sourvenirs are really inexpensive and everything is just awesome! I want to post where I've been but I had a LOT of pictures and I need to put all in order to make the post, so, I going to show you what I got from there and then in some days I'll put the photos of my travel.  
*Well I found some cute stones and Opalos, I'm obsessed with those things, so random and pretty!
*Then my friends and I found a Handmade candy store, are super yummy and the package is super cute. 
*You know how much I love postcards, I got some for my penpals and I found this 3D postcards, they looks like a dream... and some old stamps that I got in the way.
* Also the guys of the congress gave us a Kit full of stuff like a Notebook, t-shirt and some other goodies.
And finaly this goodies from my favorite designers ever!
Loooots of love from Mexico.
Ely.... xxxx

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Mail from USA, Russia and Rep Dominicana!

Hello you my dear people! I recently arrieved from Queretaro with LOT of things to send, show and post in here! Also I found three letters in my mailbox from Anastsia of Russia, Yina from Rep. Dominicana and  Alice from USA, all of them with amazing ephemera things inside, I really love everything! 

Thank you girls! I'll write back soon! 
xxxooo, ely.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monthly Must Haves: March 2014

Hello my people! Today I going to do this new entry about my March must-haves! 

*In first place are  this new shoes, just a normal flats, very comfortable in color menta and coral... 
*Then is that purse that I found in pull & bear... <3<3<3<3 
*Ahhh also I bought a new glases, last ones were broken by accident... I got a new cellphone too ^^ 
*Some other random stuff like that super cute candle, made by a local guys who sell those in the art market... some other goodies that I found in the marked are that ring and earings.
*My favorite nail polish is turquesa... and my fave color for lips this month is shiny red!
*My favorite pen in the whole world, sended by Rachel, looks like eco-pen.
*And finally the postcard of my next trip the next week to Queretaro, I´m so excited and impatient for it!

So tell me my dears, what were your March must-haves! n.n

xxxxooo, love,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Postcards and stamps from Germany

Hello people!! I received this two postcards from Postcrossing! I told you, I love those people, are super kind and they will always send extra stamps if you just ask for it... and hilarious postcards, I'm always curious about how the world see Mexican people... and this postcard from Germany is about a Mexican Food Restaurant, makes me laugh. Tell me guys, what's in your mail!? 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014; Received!

Hello my dear friends, today I'll going to show you something for I've waited a lot! Some few days ago, reached my Parcel from my Partner Rachel in the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt... And, I mean, my first package was amazing but this, I really loved everything what my partner sent.... 
The fist one that I opened was this Gift from my partner, she sent me a super cute Keychain with my letter on it... looks like kind of vintage!
Then I opened "Something Old-Fashioned", I enjoyed this part because I collect Postcards, and my faves are the vintage ones, and then I realize that the awesome envelope was full of postcards!... <3 some of them with stamps and a story to tell...  
Then comes the "Journal Kit" who includes a Journal, provably I'll going to use for a story or something like that I don't know yet, I love write so, it's perfect... also have some lil packages of crayons and two vintage pens.
Also had "Something that represents ME" She sent me two Vynil/CD's with mix that she made, because Rachel loves Music... :) will be my music for this weekend :D
 Then I found this lovely present with "Something made of Fabric" She made this lovely purse with my name on it... <3 and includes my favorite postcard ever inside, with some illustrations, how cute!!
And last but not least, the "Mail Art Kit" she put together a huge envelope with a bunch of stamps, stickers, leaves, Handmade envelopes, and pages of an old book!
That's all in this awesome package, we was really worried about it, because took a lot of time to arrives and we tought it got lost in time and space... but finally arrives and makes me very happy because I love every single thing on it! 
Well I hope you're fine, and if you participated in this project enjoyed your package so much as me! 
Lots of love from Mexico. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello my dear people!!
Today this post is something a little diferent, My friend Fab, wrote this cool post to wrap up the happenings of the month. Great idea to share some stuff of my life with you! This is what I've doing!

Reading: I'm reading right now Cloud Atlas, It is a very heavy reading, but I completely in love with it! Also I want to catch up with Julio Verne's books, so I want to start 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Watching: I just finished Orange is the New Black (again) I'm really in love with, because the new season is coming! Also I seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, I think my new favorite movie! I really enjoy the slow motion movies so much! Also, I love Wes Anderson.

Other movies that I seen; Inside Llewyn Davis, American Hostel, Her and Blue Is the Warmest Colour.

Working: Nothing in particular, I've to finish some of my illustrations and mail that I have to send soon!

Eating: I try to be more healthy this year, I try so hard! I made some oatmeal with honey and toast for breakfast... :3

Drinking: I found a cool beverage from Snapple; Peach and Jasmine... but right now, coffee, as always <3

Using: Postcrossing again! I miss that kind people who send me some extra stamps.

Recently: I remodel my room... It was a little bit bored so...

Wearing: Green skirt, grey top and domo slippers... ready to sleep! :3
Listening: Mono: Ashes in the Snow, I'm kind obsessed with it.

Trying: Design a Vortice floor...

Purchased: 9 conferences of a Convencion, I need to travel often, if not my life becomes in something bored!! So in a month I'll going to Queretaro with my friends again! :)

Great, I think its all for the moment! :) Hope you're fine!
all my love from Mexico,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Incoming, Outgoing and stuff!

Hellooo people!! How you doing this week, I'm really good and inspired about this season, spring and new projects, I try to be fine about everything that is going to happen recently.. anyway I want to show you what's in my mail! 
This coming to me finally, after wait too long! It's a beautifull gift from my dear penpal Gina in Republica Dominicana, look at that cute staaamp! <3
 Then I sent this to my dear penpal Fab in italy, I think she like it :D and some of my designs!
And this is what I got from Valentines day <3
I hope u're fine, as always lots of love from Mexico, ely. :*

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014; Sent.

 This is what I sent, I hope my partner receive it soon, :) I still waiting yet for my parcel and I think that mine don't arrived yet to my secret penpal. Anyway I want to show you what I sent...

*The City Explorer's Kit.
*Something that represent you.
*The Mail Art Kit .
*Something traditional.
*Something to read.

xxxooo and lots of love from Mexico, ely.